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Lightened- Up Beef Stroganoff

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been making a lot of changes to my diet. I am trying to incorporate tons of fruits and veggies in to my meals while replacing the empty calories.  I am really enjoying the challenge of taking a  high-calorie, fat laden, classic dish and putting a healthy spin on it.

Traditionally, Beef Stroganoff  is made with either heavy cream or full-fat sour cream, lots of butter or oil for sauteing the steak and  mushrooms, and is usually served over a bed of buttered egg noodles. I replaced the full-fat sour cream with fat-free sour cream, adding a tablespoon of light cream cheese for extra richness. used cooking spray and a non stick pan for sauteing the steak and mushrooms. So, how did I make the buttered egg noodles lighter in calories? Well, those aren't noodles at all, they are actually very thin slices of summer squash. Crazy! OK, I am not going to tell you that a bowl of squash is as soul-satisfying as a big bowl of buttered pasta, because it i…

French Onion Turkey Burgers

I had a life-changing moment, recently. In a split-second, my entire life was changed forever. For the first time in years,  I weighed myself. I was horrified at the number staring back at me.  Seriously!! Are you kidding me?!  Maybe the scale was broken. I stepped off and tried it again - same number.  I gave it another shot - same number. That is when I had my  ah ha moment, as Oprah would call it. My inner fat chick died right then and there. In the past, my inner fat chick would have said, " OK, tomorrow you are going on a (pick one - I have tried them all)  low carb diet, cabbage soup diet, juice cleanse,  sugar- free diet,  starvation diet,  liquid diet, a food combining diet, so that means you need to go on an  inhale- everything- you- can- get- your- hands-on-while-you-have-the-chance-pig-out tonight. You can see why I really needed to get rid of her.

I am now trying to make small, healthy changes to my diet. I am finally beginning to learn the meaning to the word modera…

The Best Potato Pancakes

If you are a regular reader of this blog you have probably noticed that I really love potatoes. I love them baked, I love them roasted, I love them mashed, I love them fried, I love them pureed, I love them scalloped. I love them smothered with sour cream and chives, I love them buttery, I love them cheesy, I love them in salads lightly bathed in a tangy, dill dressing,  I love them crispy,crunchy,smooth and fluffy. I love them all.  I really have not met a potato dish that I didn't love.

One of my absolute favorite ways to prepare potatoes is to make potato pancakes. I don't make these very often -  my taste buds may love them , but my thighs definitely do not!  Not even a little bit.

 I have found that the secret to making the best potato pancakes;  is to grate them right on top of a clean kitchen towel, then squeeze the heck out of them, to drain off all the potato liquid. It is actually really surprising how much liquid potatoes have. They also oxidize really quickly, so…