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Childhood Memories

Have you ever noticed how certain foods can immediately send you back in time? It is amazing how powerful food memories can be. Does anyone remember those little ice cream cups with the wooden sticks. One spoonful and I am instantly 6 years old. Or taking a bite of a Creamsicle. That reminds me of running down the street, chasing after the ice cream truck. *Note* Is there anything funnier than watching kids freak out when they hear that familiar jingle?

Popcorn Twists--I haven't eaten these in years. They remind me of hot, summer days, riding my bike over to the local swimming pool. I am sure if I tried one now I would instantly feel the sun beating down on my skin and smell the chlorine in the air.

When I was young , my family used to camp in the Okanagan Valley every summer. The smell of a fresh peach will instantly send me back. In fact, whenever we are at a farmer's market I can never resist picking up a ripe peach and inhaling that sweet, peach-y, aroma. This is about …

Beer Butter Bacon

These are a few of my favorite things.

Bacon- A BLT- hold the lettuce- Salty, crisp bacon, sweet ripe tomatoes, a generous amount of mayo, a pinch of salt and LOTS of freshly ground black pepper , could there be anything more delicious? Bacon goes with practically everything... Bacon and Potatoes, Bacon and Brussels Sprouts, Bacon and Shellfish, Bacon and Tomato, Bacon and Cheese, and of course, the classic combo- Bacon and Eggs. At the moment, sweet and salty bacon is hugely popular among foodies everywhere... Candied Bacon Jam, Bacon glazed with Maple Syrup, Chocolate covered Bacon, and even Bacon crusted doughnuts. It might turn some people off, but it all sounds delicious to me.

Butter- Sweet,sweet butter, we love you so. Butter makes everything better. Warm biscuits slathered with butter. Buttery shortbread cookies. What would Lobster be without butter? Pretty darn sad, I am thinking. Puff Pastry, croissants, freshly baked bread, Hollandaise Sauce, mashed potatoes ,butter cream fro…