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Boogie's Burgers

I have been hearing a lot about Boogie's Burgers lately, and since I am always up for a good burger, we decided to give it a go on a recent lazy Saturday afternoon. Boogie's has been around since 1969 and it looks every inch of it. It kind of reminds me of an arcade/roller rink/friend's parents' rec room of the late 70's to mid 80's. right down to the bright blue and bright orange painted walls, the old school arcade games by the front door, those frosted gold- tinted lampshades (you know the ones I am talking about), autographed photos of random celebrities, such as Pee Wee Herman, Kid Rock and Pat "Joey Jeremiah" Mastrioianni. This is as far from a  bland chain restaurant as you can get, and that is a good thing!

We ordered our burgers at the front counter and then sat down at one of the few tables in the place. Since it was the middle of the afternoon and we hadn't eaten anything all day, we both opted for the double burger. The burgers come …

Roasted Sweet Potato, Blueberry, Feta and Pecan Salad with Maple Balsamic Dressing

I have never really been much of a salad person. Given a choice between soup or salad, I will almost always pick the soup. Unless it is something disgusting like cream of lamb intestine soup *shudder*  (I actually have a story about this soup, but I will spare you the gory details. Let's just say it wasn't pretty!)

Anywaaay, let's talk salad. I have really been trying to incorporate tons of fresh fruits and veggies into our diet. Salad is a good way to do that. I came up with this salad a few days ago, and I just loved it! Trust me, if I go crazy for a salad, it must be a pretty special salad.

I  had originally planned on making a maple mustard vinaigrette but I realized that I didn't have any apple cider vinegar, so I came up with this version using balsamic vinegar. I also roasted a sweet potato to bring out its natural sweetness and  lightly toasted some pecans. I think the secret to a really good salad, is a variety of flavours and textures. This one has sweetness fr…

The Ultimate Comfort Food ~ Wor Won Ton Soup

Why are some foods "comfort foods"and others aren't? What makes them comforting? Ifyou asked 100 people to list their favorite comfort foods you would probably get 100 different answers. My theory is that the dishes that remind you of your happiest moments are the ones that ultimately become "comfort food".

Won ton soup usually falls into one of two categories -  really good or really bad. I was lucky to have experienced the really good version when I was growing up. We would often go into Vancouver's Chinatown for special occasions. We lived less than an hour from Chinatown, but it was almost like visiting another country. When I was really young, we would go to a restaurant that my mother had gone to when she was a little girl. The owner's name was Steve, he was a kind-hearted, jolly man and he would always greet us like we were long- lost relatives.  I remember that the food was always delicious. My two favorite dishes were the beef and broccoli and o…

Lazy Daisy Creme Brulee Cake

As you have probably noticed, most of my posts are of the savoury variety, not sweet. Well, that is because I rarely do any baking. Not that we dislike sweets - we just like sweets a little tooooo much, if you know what I mean!

The original name for this cake was "Lazy Daisy" cake, but I added creme brulee to the title, because it's soft, milky white interior and crackly sugar crust really are reminiscent of a creme brulee.

It's funny - because I so rarely do any baking, I am always surprised at how fast the whole thing comes together. Seriously, this cake is no more difficult to make than a cake made from a mix, and it is so flippin' good, you won't even believe it!

Lazy Daisy Creme Brulee Cake
(adapted from The Best of Bridge)

2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1 cup flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 cup milk
1 Tbsp butter, softened
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla until lemon coloured. Sift flour, baking powder and salt, add to egg …

Greek Rice Salad

Much like George (Can't stand ya) Costanza, I think I was born with an "opposite" gene. My sense of direction ( or lack of) is legendary. Whenever I walk out of a store or restaurant, nine times out of ten, I will walk in the opposite direction, while the person accompanying me will just stand there and watch, sadly shaking their head. Cold medication will keep me awake all night. "Action" movies will put me to sleep. When my son was younger, we would often go to these action- packed movies and I would always  fall asleep. Every single time.

So, while most people are still enjoying the cozy, hearty, stick-to-the-ribs, comfort foods of winter, I am craving all things summery: tropical fruits, corn on the cob, cilantro, summer rolls, lobster and anything Vietnamese, Mexican or Greek inspired.

I don't think I have ever mentioned it here before, but I used to cook in a Greek restaurant. Everyday I would have the same thing for lunch: rice mixed with Greek sal…

Quick and Easy Homemade Pizza

Did you know that you could whip up a pizza from scratch in less time than getting a pizza delivered?  Yes! It is true. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this recipe. I made this pizza - dough, sauce and cooking time included, in under 35 minutes! Unbelievable! The best part of making your own pizza? You can make it exactly the way you want it - as many or as little toppings as you want. I was never really a picky eater as a kid, but I did have a few things that I just couldn't stand: mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and olives. Once,  I was at a birthday party in which  I had to choke down a couple of slices of pizza with all the works. It was like an episode of Fear Factor - I would take a bite, then a big swig of pop and swallow the whole thing without chewing it at all. It's funny, I have now acquired a taste for all of these things ( except raw onions, I still can't stand 'em).

Quick and Easy Pizza Crust - adapted from All Recipes
(makes one extra large…